What is VDS hosting

To start dwell on what is VDS hosting. VDS (VPS) Hosting is a division of one physical server into multiple independent virtual servers. More »

VDS Hosting

VDS hosting offer are relatively common. Most of the big hosting companies offer services in addition to virtual (shared) hosting, VDS (VPS) hosting. More »

Choose the best paid hosting

Our challenge is to choose the best hosting of the offers on the market, paid hosting php mysql preferably at a low price. More »

Bulletproof hosting

By bulletproof hosting hosting mean that is resistant to complaints. More »

How to choose the best hosting

The choice of hosting for the new site (project) – always an important task. Must take into account a number of criteria, characteristics of a host. More »


Cheap hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages

It just so happened that when choosing a hosting company, we are often not guided by some general criteria, responses, etc., and rely primarily on low cost services. Cheap hosting beckons us

Quality hosting can be distinguished

1. Wide range of tariff plans – if the hosting company with flexibility to pricing and tries to cover the needs of all categories of users, from novice developers to large web

Quality hosting – how to determine

On the market today hosting a lot of offers that differ in price and quality. Each hosting company is trying to attract a potential customer something special. Someone introduces new technologies, one

The advantages of VDS hosting

- You will be at the disposal of the minimum guaranteed server resources. And you will be able to dispose of them at its discretion? You can use up resources CPU, memory,