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Cheap hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Cheap hosting - Advantages and Disadvantages

It just so happened that when choosing a hosting company, we are often not guided by some general criteria, responses, etc., and rely primarily on low cost services. Cheap hosting beckons us like a magnet – really, why pay for a service company A, company B if the same conditions and the price is several […]

Quality hosting – how to determine

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Quality hosting - how to determine

On the market today hosting a lot of offers that differ in price and quality. Each hosting company is trying to attract a potential customer something special. Someone introduces new technologies, one reduces the price or making allowances. Before an ordinary user has a difficult task of choosing. And this choice should fall on the […]

The advantages of VDS hosting

VDS Hosting

- You will be at the disposal of the minimum guaranteed server resources. And you will be able to dispose of them at its discretion? You can use up resources CPU, memory, disk subsystem, according to their real needs – for example to install a particular software, which you will not find a hoster to […]